“Hey Jesse, find a model today and take some photos so I can critique you”

Jesse · May 23, 2010 · Blog, People and Portraits, Photography · 0 comments

So, this post is back-dated, meaning I forgot I took these photos back in May 2010. Anyway, Carey (my brother and boss when it comes to wedding photos) knew I could take a photo but from what I can tell felt I was pretty sloppy when it came to actually creating a shot, and directing my subject. On this Saturday he tasked me to find a model and do a shoot using his gear and him as the assistant for a change. I realized after the shoot I was terrible with people and great with the camera, using the light went exactly as expected throughout the day but, I was incredibly awkward. Working with my brother has always been a bit of a struggle for me as he’s always been an outgoing and confident guy. Myself, I’m a strange guy, with a foul and dark sense of humor, and baby rape jokes just aren’t¬†palletable¬†with everyone. I’m sure I was making Jess uncomfortable all day, and my shots read that, so in short, this was a learning experience. Know you audience. The end result however, I still got good shots but, we spent all day doing what would now take an hour. Oh, and yes… I see Carey in some of the shots too, it’s not big deal.











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