Good old Point and shoot?

Jesse · April 26, 2010 · People and Portraits, Photography · 1 comments

Alright so, I tried out my cheap ebay speedlights and triggers for the first time. The good news is the $35 yn460 light seemed to work as well as a $300 dollar SB-600 for my uses, the bad news is I failed to get the corresponding light stands so I fumbled quite a bit trying to wield my old d70 in one hand and an umbrella with a light tapped to it in the other. I came out with some good shots but, I lacked the variety I wanted with that light setup. Anyhow, being a free practice shoot n’ all I had no trouble coaxing Anna into doing a re-shoot, where I left the lights in the trunk and just got back to good ol’ point shoot. Let me know what you think.

























  1. o2o9 is an incredible shot!

    Carey · April 27, 2010

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