Jesse finds more time for photos – Erin Straughan

Jesse · September 24, 2010 · People and Portraits, Photography · 2 comments

So, I recently discovered if cut my sleep hours down from 6 to 4 hours I get 14 hours a week back, awesome hey? Well, not really but, that’s how it goes right now. With this new found abundance of time I was able to shoot more, this is my friend Erin, she’s one of them normal types so, conversation throughout the shoot probably just made things awkward for her(I tend to talk too much for the first part of a shoot and weird out normies). Regardless of what was probably inappropriate conversation, the pictures turned out quite well, check it out.


  1. Dude! Those are great! I love the number 27 image…really awesome!

    Carey · September 24, 2010
  2. Brilliant!! Great job! 🙂
    My favourite is #20. Erin looks great!

    Hilda Lemus · September 24, 2010

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