The Beauty Parlor

Jesse · May 29, 2009 · People and Portraits, Photography · 1 comments

Carey, a photo friend Peter Carroll and I had a fun photo shoot at a new Whyte Avenue salon The Beauty Parlor on Monday. The place is sitting right on top of a Vespa shop(Top Gear Scooters) and a coffee bar(Luzzara Coffee Bar) so it was already kewl before we walked in.

It at first felt like casual gig since I know the owner/operator Desiree Liley, I was employed as a bartender owned by her husband at the bar down the street for about a year and a half (Wunderbar). For some reason this actually made me awkward because I’m used to being in bar more around Dez… this where I subcontiously act goofy, speak with a drowel and refer to dollars as bones (I actually did when she was signing the check, cripes). So I lost some professionalism points being sober but acting half cut like I’m used to. With becoming a photographer is a lot more to learn than style, composition, camera technical, lighting design… I fell a little short on the business end. With all that being said the pictures still rocked and my awesomeness did help carry us through 🙂 har har. My insecurites from last Monday really got me thinking on where I need to improve the most and I watched Carey cruise through the portriats with style, skill and just plain confidence, his experience made things flow really smoothy and give us great results. Anyway, I think I’m rambling, the point is I’ve grown to a self sufficient position for most aspects aside from portriates and professionalism.

There are some wide shots and portraits up on Carey’s blog you should check out.













  1. us kids are calling it “the book”; how did ya learn such hip lingo, blender?

    Doleman · May 31, 2009

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