Carey, a photo friend Peter Carroll and I had a fun photo shoot at a new Whyte Avenue salon The Beauty Parlor on Monday. The place is sitting right on top of a Vespa shop(Top Gear Scooters) and a coffee bar(Luzzara Coffee Bar) so it was already kewl before we walked in. It at first felt like casual gig since I know the owner/operator Desiree Liley, I was employed as a bartender owned by her husband at the bar down the street for about a year and a half (Wunderbar). For some reason this actually made me awkward because I’m used to being in bar more around Dez… this where I subcontiously act goofy, speak with a drowel and refer to dollars as bones (I actually did when she was signing the check, cripes). So I lost some professionalism points being sober but acting half cut like I’m used to. With becoming a photographer is a lot more to learn than style, composition, camera technical, lighting design… I fell a little short on the business end. With all that being said the pictures still rocked and my awesomeness did help carry us through 🙂 har har. My insecurites from last […]
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