Off topic, Jesse and low ball cinematography

Jesse · March 14, 2010 · Design and Editing, on the film set, Videos · 8 comments

Ok, so we shot this way back in August and to be perfectly honest I’m not the most proud person…. I hate pretty much everything “creative” I do… at least the first time around. We shot it last summer, I was editing in the begining in the fall and it’s been on “the interwebs” for about 4 months or so. This was my first attempt at cinematography and editing, it’s not really finished, but this is probably how it will remain for the next while. Keep it real, stay classy, keep your stick on the ice? It’s called ‘Edgars Epilogue’

  1. Drek! Root canal is less painful than watching this.

    Bernard Wrangle · April 07, 2010
  2. Why don’t you post my comment? Could it be because it’s critical.
    Why do you censure? Is it because you are so insecure as to demand
    nothing but sycophants? I knew you as a sybarite, but one who would
    behave more like the Dali Lama than the Chinese army.

    If you don’t post criticism, your site is a fraud. Disappointing. Sad.
    What happened to you?

    Bernard Wrangle · April 11, 2010
  3. Your comments are purely offensive without any constructive feedback, why would I post them? In your case it’s simply entertaining at this point, you care so much about someone you should have never even heard of. You live somewhere in New Jersey right? How did you ever find me?

    jesse · April 11, 2010
  4. Kudos to you. You called my bluff and raised. Spunky!
    That’s the old you. Unfortunately, it’s not in my nature to ever fold.
    Let’s continue to play. Your deal.

    Bernard Wrangle · April 13, 2010
  5. OK. I will deal. You are too busy photographing a corpulent angel whose mug could shrivel granite.
    I didn’t find you. You found me. Never heard of (you)? Surely, you jest. You have been a legend
    in your own mind for ages…You are a literate man. Surely you must agree with F. Scott Fitzgerald,
    “there are no second acts” in an American life, but yet you try. Why? Surely not for yourself.
    Then who for? It is apparent, my friend, that you are a terminal narcissist bored to death with

    Bernard Wrangle · April 13, 2010
  6. Well, I don’t feel very literate, I had to look up “corpulent”, “sycophants”, and “sybarite” this week just to attempt understanding of your comments. Anyway seriously, who the heck are you? I feel like someone from my past is playing some elaborate joke on me and I’m just awaiting the punch line. Really, who would waste their time with this?

    jesse · April 15, 2010
  7. To answer your question, you must pose one question to yourself. Who have you disappointed in your life?
    That should narrow it down. Perhaps not. Depends on how many people you have disappointed. Hope my suggestion

    Bernard Wrangle · April 17, 2010
  8. Well thanks for sparing the pretentious adjectives… anyway, if you have something to say, say it, if it’s not constructive why bother? If you have some personal problem with me, I’d like to hear it. Actually, here’s an idea, get a hobby, job or whatever you need to keep you from being so bored you need to feed the blog of some random nobody photographer who lives over a 1000km away.


    jesse · April 17, 2010

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