Herb and Kitt

Jesse · February 23, 2019 · Reel · 0 comments

Date : January 2019
Roles :
Producer, Director, Co-writer, Cinematographer, and Editor
Other Credits :
Co-written by Rick MacDonell, Voice of KITT performed by Hunter Davis
Length :
52 seconds

This project was shot in January 2019 to be shown in the XXXX. We were given a genre to make a 40-second film with that could highlight why Go Auto was a well-managed company. There were two other ideas presented that were far cheesier and very staff interactive but given the tight timeframe and budget, it was decided we should be aiming for something logistically small and that could be done over a few days. The only direction I was given was to have KITT from nightrider involved and spend very little money. This was filmed as a series of compositions. The background is a real service bay I lit with just a few fresnel lights and some custom made LED bar lights (that look like fluorescents). The two cars are 1:18 scale models that were lit to match, filmed in my basement with similar but scaled down lighting. Despite some concept problems, it’s a fun example of what can be done with very little. The entire project was done by me with the exception of the written dialogue and the voice acting for KITT.

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