RWB Edmonton Porsche

Jesse · September 17, 2017 · Reel · 0 comments

Date : August 2017
Roles :
Producer, Director, Cinematographer and Editor.
Length :
8 minute, 28 seconds
Client : Porsche Centre Edmonton (Go Auto)

This was one of those random gigs where I was told there was a famous car builder from Japan had been flown to Edmonton to modify an old Porsche. The dealership wasn’t sure what to expect but they did want to make sure that the event was captured so, I packed the camera, a few lenses, a gimbal and a few go pros with extended batteries and just shot what I saw. Over the course of the day small crowds of people funnelled through the service bays (including other camera operators). Once I returned to the office I started examining the footage and arranged an interview with the customer who’s car was being altered to give all the footage some context. After the interview I stitched it together with the b-roll I had shot and some time-lapse footage from the GoPro and ended with result.

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