Shots from a James Cadden’s horror short ‘Leash’

Jesse · February 01, 2012 · Blog, on the film set, Photography · 0 comments

James Cadden needed a place to shoot one weekend a while back, so Ryan and I offered our place up. I’ve known James for years from working with him on various projects but I’ve never really had the “James Cadden Experience”… it started with unloading, and filling our upstairs with toolboxes full of make-up supplies, a tripod mounted camera dolly, lights, light stands, a smoke machine (wasn’t used), and various slices of preformed latex and fingertips. After everything was finally inside, Ben Dextraze showed up with his squeeze Jessica and we all proceeded to apply heavy amounts of make-up and latex… I think we finished shooting with the final stage around 4am the first night and repeated the entire thing the next day. I have to say, Ben Dextraze is a really good sport. He spent several hours with plastic glued to his face and unable to move his neck during which two creepy guys were rubbing more makeup into his skin and whispering things like “Ben, I really want to fuck your neck vagina right now”. Well done sir. If you want to see James’s short check it out here Leash – A body horror short film

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