Edmonton Skyline Night Cityscape
These two clips are part of an upcoming project, but considering this is more of a traditional photo type thing (compared to the straight video stuff I’ve been cracking away with) it seems fitting to have them up here. The process was relatively simple, I went on google earth, found a few spots where I could grab a good skyline of Edmonton without being in the middle of a road. Went there, parked a tripod with my D7000 and a an intervalometer attached and shot in aperture mode while checking the screen every now and then to make subtle adjustments. Processing the 240+ raw photos for each shot on my blazing fast mac mini with raid 0 ssd setup still chugged to apply my color corrections and compress to a jpeg series. Anyhow, it’s tedious and time consuming but, overall not much more difficult than taking a single shot. Oh yes, I used some software to produce a near realistic camera movements (not sure if that’s staying in yet). This is a non skyline shot taken at K-Days this summer, similar settings (more than twice as long though), for a different music video
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