Just before shooting this I spent about a week in bed with some kind of weird flu… well maybe it was cancer? aids?… hmm cancer-aids? Yeah… I’ll stop here, we know where this is headed. ¬†Anyway, here are the shots from 4 weeks ago. I struggled quite a bit with these, my D7000 is backfocusing a silly amount, with some tinkering on the AF-fine tuning it’ll work until I get it serviced. I’m not tying to blame my gear here, I actually found the challenge gave me some positive pressure. I’m really far too proud to let something like this prevent me from taking a decent shot. I ended up putting more energy and focus into getting a good image than I have in a very long time. They’re not my best shots, but I enjoyed taking them. Oh… well, it’d be a little self serving if I just talked about myself and my own feelings and completely neglect the film maker here, so I guess I’ll break that habit. This was made by some old friends of mine, Tyler MacIntrye (director) and John Negropontes (Producer). These guys moved to LA a few years back to further their film educations […]
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