No, I didn’t die or anything like that, I just transitioned from the “pretend you’re busy” phase to the “actually busy” phase. Since my last post I’ve changed things up with a new day job, semi-retired from the wedding photo racket, and have been and will continue hosting and producing my local film/theatre/nerd podcast ‘Robocop Vs The Nazis’. So, why the new website? Well, first of all it’s 4 years old, which is something like a thousand internet years, it was time. Secondly, the scope of what I want from blog isn’t just about photos any more. I’m not done with snap snaps but, I feel like it wouldn’t hurt to share this space with my thoughts and other projects. Stay tuned, I’ll be posting more photos from the past year. In the mean time, check out the latest three posts, I apologize as some of the photos are over a year old. Post Image: Stuart Miles /
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