Quick Start RetroPie Guide

What the heck is this thing?

So, the short answer is, it’s a tiny computer I setup to be a classic video game machine… that you can also use it to watch current tv and movies on. So, plug it into your tv and you’ll see you can play all the best Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Gameboy Advance and even some great 2D arcade classic games from the 90’s.

Movie and TV watching is done via an app called Kodi, you’ll need to have Wifi setup or an ethernet cord plugged in for it to work and you’ll also need a remote control app installed on your smartphone. Scroll down to sections 3 and 5 to get rolling on pirating movies the lazy way I do.

Note: some of the streaming components in Kodi break every few months due to anti-piracy measures. So, if you want to keep the free movie and tv train chugging, it’ll require a youtube search every once in a while to find how people setup their Kodi. As of now (August 12 2017) it’s working great.

1. Making sure your controllers work.

Just make sure they’re plugged in before you turn the unit on. If you plug in after the unit on they probably won’t be recognized. In that case just power off, then back on again.

2. Turning the Unit on

There’s no on/off switch on the raspberry pi so, you simply plug it in and it turns on. However, some plugs have an on/off switch on them but not all. I personally leave mine on all the time. It doesn’t draw very much power when it’s not in use.

Note: the power adapter has a micro-USB┬áconnection like many smartphones, cameras etc so, yes it can charge your phone. You can’t, however, use a standard phone charger to power up the raspberry pi.

3. Setting up wifi – and finding your IP address.

The interface for setting up wifi is fairly primitive but straight forward if you have a keyboard hooked up. It requires the keyboard so, be sure you plug one in before you attempt to setup.

Before leaving this menu, note your IP address, you may need that for setting up a remote.

4. Important gameplay notes.

  • If at any point you want to exit a game, hold on to “start” and “select” simultaneously on the first player controller and you’ll be back out instantly.
  • You can also save and load gamestate (save game anywhere) by holding either “select+left shoulder” or “select+right shoulder” during gameplay.
  • In order to play ARCADE games, hit “select” after the test screens are shown and game has booted. This will “insert coins” for you

5. Recommendation for using Kodi for streaming tv shows and movies

Before opening Kodi for the first time, download a remote control app for your phones. This install of Kodi only works with a connected keyboard or an app.

Get Yatse for Android

Get the Official Kodi Remote for iPhone

6. Kodi isn’t perfect but, it is still really good

Be patient when browsing movies and tv with kodi. Just remember when you select something, it will take a few full seconds before showing the action.