Mixed bag of short / sketch snappies from 2010/2011

Jesse · January 28, 2012 · on the film set, People and Portraits, Photography · 0 comments

Most of this is just some new filler for the Classic norwegian dinnerware. I took these a long while ago back when I was working 70 hour weeks at a non-photo job. Like many things around that time, these shots fell through the cracks to only recently surface. I always bring a camera with me but, for most of these shoots I was too busy holding a mic, setting up a light, or eating some of the free food to snap many shots. Anyhoo here they are.

This is a false hand created by James Cadden. I believe he made it by drying a layer of silicon over his own hand, peeling it off, stuffing it, and painting it.















This was from a makeup test Cadden shot that made Ryan look like some kind of Burn victum, I think it ripped off a little more hair and dead skin than anticipated.




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