_DSC2423-Edit-5_DSC2766-Edit_DSC9256CharlesGahl_DSC3350-EditAnna on one of my first shoots 2010_DSC3427-EditFrom the 2008 shooting of 'Movie Brats'. I barely knew how to operate a camera but, Peter this very young (at the time) Director of Photography seemed to have a pretty good handle on it. Here he is, exhausted from the non-stop 14+ hour days. Loved being on set for this film.Straight To Video Promo 2014I took this photo in September 2010 when i was just getting my feet wet in portrait photography. No lights, just a good face and a nikon d70 i bought off of eBay for $180Shot early 2015 for a Sonic Band of the Month promo. No prep at all. Ben just got a hold of me and asked "hey are you available for some quick shots this weekend... I said... yes, of course. Anyway, have to shoot these guys again with a plan. Cool dudes.On the set of 'The Last Video Store'. Angela demands I take a photo of her with the modified ultra slim... I say... "oh... yeah... of course"Promo Shoot for 'Straight to Video: A B-Movie Odyssey' Kevin Martin as a serial killer... for unknown reasonsHybrid Moments Promo 2014

Studio Headshots


If you or someone you know acts, models, is an entrepreneur, or just wants to have some snappy new shots of themselves then, get professional headshots by me (Jesse Nash).

What is the offer?
  • 2 hour studio session with me (Jesse Nash) for 1 person
  • 4 to 8 high quality, tastefully stylized, high resolution images (delivered within 2-3 weeks)

The Process:
  1. Do the photo session!
  2. Within a few days I will send a kulled group of low quality proofs to pick from
  3. About 2 weeks later I will send the edited images. 🙂

* Note – Shooting location is in downtown Edmonton

* Any questions please contact me directly by email (preferred) at jesse@jessenash.ca or by phone at 780-604-5978.